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Lip Repair: The Miracle of Myrrh

Lip Repair was originally called Myrrhacle Balm, in part because of my nerdy sense of humor, and in part because myrrh is one of the star ingredients, thanks to the miraculous way it repairs cracked, damaged skin. Cupuacu butter and manuka honey are the other two miracle workers in this formula; their synergistic ability to moisturize and mend dry lips is remarkable. This thick balm has remarkable staying power, and works wonders when left on as an overnight treatment—people often tell us they woke up feeling like they got a visit from the lip filler fairy in their sleep!

When you use Lip Repair, we recommend breaking the surface with a little spoon or the back of a clean fingernail—you want to get a generous amount on your lips, so don't just ice skate around the surface! It’s incredible for jagged cuticles or dry skin under your nose during the cold months.



This ancient healer is known for its healing properties, and its resinous texture makes it especially helpful for repairing cracked skin. We use a certified organic myrrh extract from Somalia, which has a soft, earthy scent.
Manuka Honey
Made by the bees of New Zealand, this thick honey is both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, making it a great choice for damaged skin. Learn more about manuka honey here, including the amazing fact that it makes its own hydrogen peroxide when it comes in contact with human skin, which is one of the reasons it's so awesome at healing damaged lips!
Castor Bean Oil
Organic castor oil has a beautifully glossy finish, and helps provide the extraordinary staying power of this balm. It's highly emollient, and helps seal in the other ingredients in this powerful balm. 
Cupuaçu Butter
This thick, Amazonian butter can both draw moisture into your lips and help your lips retain that moisture by reinforcing the lipid layer of the skin. Cupuaçu is a cousin of cocoa butter, with a similar rich, nutty scent. 
Tamanu Oil
A rich, dark green oil, tamanu has proven wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties that can help repair damaged or irritated lips. It's also antibacterial, which helps protect dry lips from infection.


"Gorgeous product and results. My favorite! I keep this on my nightstand and use it every night... Several times when I've worn it during the day I've gotten compliments, even asked if I had gotten filler! (Nope)"

-Amy D. 

"Osmia Lip Repair is by far THE BEST lip care out there. I live in extremely cold snowy winters in the north and I apply this each morning after face routine and again at night before bed and in 4 years I’ve never battled chapped lips OR the peeling that had occurred with other lip care products. As a Ski Patroller I used it before going out in below zero temps, followed by Osmia Lip Doctor. Won’t start a day or go into Winter without this pair!

-Mary S.

"Best out there. I’m a lip goop fanatic and I’ve tried them all. THIS is the best one on the market." 

-Annie S.

“Colorado girl here and I've tried every lip balm on planet earth, but Osmia's Lip Repair is the only one that works out here in the dry, high altitude Rockies. I am never without it!”

-Tracey B.

“My lips were abnormally dry and lip balms I have that were usually effective weren’t fixing the problem anymore. So I tried this Lip Repair hoping it really would repair my dry cracked lips and it did! Get it- it works!”

-Susan V.