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The key to switching skin care products successfully—especially with sensitive or picky skin—is to move more slowly than you think you need to, so your skin doesn’t have a sudden change in what it knows about the world. It’s a bit like transitioning your pet from one food to another; you have to do it slowly, or you and your poor pooch will pay an unpleasant price.  


How do I switch cleansers?

If you’re using liquid cleansers, you can follow the method above, taking 7-10 days to increase the new cleanser while decreasing the old one until you’re fully transitioned. 

The case is a little trickier when switching to a bar soap, but it’s doable! Simply put a small amount of lather from the bar on your fingers, and a bit of your old cleanser, slowly decreasing the old cleanser and increasing the lather over the course of a week.

How do I switch my skincare routine?

The method demonstrated above works beautifully, and you might even be tempted to move more quickly—out with the old, in with the new, right? We encourage you to tiptoe when changing your skincare routine. Try to take a full week (more if you’re very sensitive) to change your skin’s environment. It’s worth the wait, we promise. 

Will new products make me break out?

It might happen! No reason to panic. Your skin is a dynamic, living organ just like your lungs and your liver. So it might respond to a change in routine, even if you’re going slowly. Our advice? Keep calm, apply a dab of Spotless Blemish Oil, and carry on! If you’re noticing more than an occasional zit, you may need to slow the transition even more, adjusting the new to old ratio only every 2-3 days. And if that’s not working, please email us—we’re here to help!

Hope this “dog-food” method helps you switch your skincare routine successfully, and, of course, we hope you’re switching to beautiful, natural skincare products like Osmia! Check out our entire collection here.