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Our Favorite Multipurpose Skincare Products

Need a product that does more than one job? Here are five tips for turning your Osmia products into multi-purpose powerhouses!


Lip Repair

This thick, healing balm is good for more than just lips. It can be used on dry, jagged cuticles after a shower, and is especially effective when used after a shower in the evening so it can stay on your fingers while you sleep. Apply while your cuticles are still damp from the shower for best results. 

Purely Gentle Mud Cleanser

Put 4-5 pumps on dry skin and leave it on for five minutes as a mini-mask before washing it off with warm water. We love using the mud with our konjac sponge for an extra dose of super gentle exfoliation. 

Lavender Body Mousse

This rich butter also makes an incredible hair mask. Do it when you have a little extra time so you can let it sit on your hair for at least thirty minutes. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to mask with mousse!

Detox Exfoliating Mask

This clay and charcoal-based mask can be used as a spot treatment if you have a particularly pesky zit. Add a tiny bit of mask powder to your palm, and a drop or two of water to make a paste, and apply directly to the blemish. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and remove gently with warm water.

Spotless Blemish Oil

This miracle in a bottle also works magic on bug bites! It works best if you apply it quickly after you get bitten to stop itching and reduce redness and inflammation. Definitely pack this little gem in your travel bag!