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Our favorite way to cool down during the summer months is drinking a cold smoothie made with fresh, nourishing ingredients. Keep sliced, frozen bananas in the freezer (they work well in reusable, resealable bags), as well as any other frozen fruits you love. Oat/almond milk and coconut water are some of our favorite liquids to keep on hand. Adding a few kale leaves to any smoothie gives it a great nutrient boost, though it may change the color! And a handful of cashews adds a creamy texture to any smoothie, especially if you soak them for a few minutes before adding them. And, for these three recipes, make sure you have a handful of fresh mint on hand! 

Try one or try them all, and adjust anything you want! Add more or less liquid depending on how thick you like your smoothies, or swap out oat milk for any other milk you like to use.  Make sure you don’t drink your smoothie too fast, though, or you’ll get a case of sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia! (Have fun googling that.)

Minty Green Smoothie

One handful each of frozen bananas, frozen avocado, fresh/frozen spinach and fresh mint

1-2 cups oat milk

2-3 T cacao nibs


   Blend until smooth, top with cacao nibs, and enjoy immediately!

Strawberry Mint Smoothie

One handful each of frozen strawberries and fresh mint

2 large spoonfuls plain green yogurt

1-2 T honey

Splash of vanilla extract

Blend until smooth, top with a strawberry, and enjoy immediately!


Pineapple Mint Smoothie

One handful each of frozen banana, frozen pineapple and fresh mint

¼ can coconut milk

1-2 cups coconut water

Blend until smooth, top with mint leaves, and enjoy immediately!


Happy Slurping!