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Mature SKIN

Have you hugged your skin today?

It’s so easy to get negative when thinking about the changes that occur as our skin ages. Instead, take a deep breath and thank your skin for all it’s done for you so far!

What is Mature Skin?

Skin has a few main jobs: it’s a barrier, keeping good things in (like water) and bad things out (like allergens and microbes); it helps maintain our body temperature through sweat glands and blood vessels; and it plays roles in immunity, hormone function, and our sense of touch. Who knew skin had so much work to do every day?

As we age, our skin undergoes both intrinsic and extrinsic aging. Intrinsic aging is simply a function of time: a loss of collagen and reduced nutrient delivery to the skin results in fine lines and thinner skin. Extrinsic aging comes from exposure to ultraviolet radiation, air pollution, and poor nutrition: inflammation, coarse lines, decreased elasticity, hyperpigmentation, and a rough texture are the results. We don’t have much control over the intrinsic aging process, but we can support our skin in other ways.

Mature skin

Let's do this together.

We can’t prevent aging, but we can age beautifully! From sunscreen to nutrition, there are lots of ways in which we can set our skin up for success at every age.

critical beginning steps

Bad manners!
Try to stop being rude to yourself in the mirror. It sounds corny, but if you’re constantly looking at your skin and directing critical, negative energy toward it, you can’t expect it to feel like glowing!

Steroid creams
Thinner skin is more susceptible to fine lines, and steroids cause thinning with regular use. Wean off steroids with the help of your dermatologist.

Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfate
Inflammation is part of what causes skin to age more notably, and sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate keeps your skin in a state of chronic, low-level inflammation. It’s in most things that foam, so check your hair care, your laundry detergent, and your dish soap.

Harsh acids or exfoliants
The skin’s lipid layer becomes less sturdy with age, and products that excessively strip the skin exacerbate the issue, leaving skin dry and fragile.

Good manners!
Start being grateful to your skin when you look in the mirror. You skin will notice the kind words.

Rose Clay or Pumpkin Facial Soap
Rose Clay soap draws moisture to the skin with mineral-rich clay and glycerin. Pumpkin soap provides gentle exfoliation with pumpkin and tomato, as well as a dose of nourishing honey.

Restore or Brighten Facial Serum
Restore Serum soothes inflamed skin with lavender and helichrysum. Brighten Serum works well for sun-damaged skin with a healthy dose of Vitamin A.

Purely Simple Face Cream and Nectar Nourishing Drops
For dehydrated skin, a few drops of Nectar in the Purely Simple Face Cream will provide a much needed moisture boost.

Lip Repair and Lip Doctor
Lip Repair works as an overnight plumping treatment, and Lip Doctor doubles as an under-eye balm.

super important next steps

Once you’ve got your skin calm and happy, you can bump up to the next level of hydration and luxury.

Purely Gentle Mud Cleanser
Try using this gentle, nourishing cleanser in the mornings, to wake your skin up for the day.

Purely Calm Gel Toner
Add a tiny dab of this hydrating gel to your routine. Aloe, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin B3 all soften and tone the skin.

And don’t forget the skin below your collarbones!

Milky Rose Soap, Sandalwood Body Mousse, And A Body Oil
Milky Rose is one of our most nourishing soaps, with buttermilk powder for a gentle exfoliating effect. Try a combination of Sandalwood Mousse and Night or Naked Body Oil on damp skin to seal in moisture after bathing.

Now For The Fun Part...

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