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Whether you’re in the mood to throw on an apron or order from your favorite takeout spot, good food is on the menu! Our team has some great ideas.
"I make Glogg (Danish spiced hot wine) around the holidays reminiscent of my time living in Denmark. I also eat as many Christmas cookies as physically possible as well as peppermint bark and toffee. My dad's new tradition is making his famous lasagna on Christmas Eve and a good roast on Christmas Day."
"I will probably make a big pot of soup and eat it throughout the week. I love The Defined Dish and her soup recipes, but usually I'll just take what I have, throw it in a dutch oven and call it a day. Baking will definitely be happening during this time because what else do you do at home for ten days? I made a version of the Heartbeet Chocolate Cake recently and will definitely be making it again."
"I'll make cannelloni for Christmas Eve dinner and probably a ham for Christmas Day.  Maybe some Snickerdoodle cookies for Darden!"
"My mom and I make candy ever year! Our fudge is a fan favorite, but I really like the caramel. This year, my family is going to do a soup potluck for Christmas and I'm tempted to make this beef stew by Ina Garten. It's too good!"
"I love all the traditional goodies, especially my mom’s “Christmas Casserole” for breakfast on Christmas Day. We also make sausage balls, tiger butter, and tamales… What can I say—I’m from Texas."
"Cutout cookies to decorate! Soups and stews, inspired by Andrea Bemis. Also, cinnamon rolls, and I want to try Ali Stafford's recipe for The BEST Overnight Brioche Cinnamon Rolls. The team has seen me spoon soup right out of a can for lunch so getting to cook and bake is a treat."
"I'm definitely making fudge, and an insane amount of it. It's an old family recipe and is heavily guarded. It is not healthy. Also, cheesy sausage balls and a pretty traditional full on holiday dinner spread."
"I love anything that can be a single dish meal, so probably some soups, stews and casseroles. And I don't do fudge exactly, but love what I call Boil Cookies, and I think the internet calls No-Bake Cookies. It's basically fudge in the shape of a cookie!"
"I might have to make these Thumbprint Cookies for my hubby. He says he couldn’t love me more, but I can tell that he loves me a little extra when the cookies appear."
"I just received an air fryer (thanks Pola!) and obsessed is an understatement. I have a new found love of chicken and homemade french fries."
"Lots of chili and soups for sure. I'm looking forward to having time to bake and experiment with new recipes, too! Also all the coffee possible."