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The Osmia Men's Grooming Guide

While most green beauty customers are women, we want to spread the word about the amazing products we create that make great gifts for the men in your life, from brothers to partners to dads to friends. We know there are plenty of men out there who dig organic ingredients, value hand-harvested ingredients and are highly conscious consumers. And we also know there are lots of guys who REALLY love the scents of Colorado. We have even heard from reliable sources about a few "Osmia Thiefs," who are sneaking into bathrooms to steal Osmia products from their gals when they think nobody is watching. It doesn't have to be like this! So let's see what we can do to get them stocked up with their own supply of goodies, and help them get their Osmia fix!

This rich, moisturizing, whipped product will leave hands, feet, knees, elbows and bald heads perfectly hydrated for the harsh winter weather. It also makes an excellent beard balm right out of the shower.
From ultra-running to ultra-snow-removal, the active men in your life will appreciate a therapeutic soak in this hand-harvested, French, grey sea salt and Epsom salt mixture. You might even get him to go out and chop your own Christmas tree this year if he gets to come home to this lavender (and love) infused mixture. 
Because some men just need a little nudge to take better care of their skin, without feeling too girly about it. This potent, little bar combines Australian black clay and Dead Sea mud, cleansing skin gently but effectively, leaving his face detoxified and delightfully soft.
The elusive "healthy glow" is achievable. Believe us! This little powerhouse blend of plant oils will leave his skin balanced and glowing, with acai, macadamia and black seed oil. This fresh, herbal oil is excellent for conditioning beards, as well. 
Just because he's a man doesn't mean he wants man hands. This unscented formula is incredibly powerful, capable of healing dry, cracked hands in just a few uses. With regular use, his hands will get softer and softer, to the point where he might not need this product very often!
Does exfoliating come up frequently in conversation with your guy? We thought not. But, you can get him to DO it without even knowing it with our award-winning Coffee Mint Soap, one of our best selling soaps. Organic ground coffee and spearmint awaken the senses and remove dead skin cells in the morning shower or at the kitchen sink. A great gift for a chef, as well. 
Nobody wants to make out with scratchy, rough lips. Keep his lips kissable with healing manuka honey and myrrh essential oil. 
If he's a man on the go, this little kit is perfect. Six slices of our natural body soap in a soap travel bag, so he can feel soft and smell amazing wherever life takes him.

With love and a finely groomed man,