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We know you love to shop small, and we’re so grateful that you do! As a small business, your support means the difference between growing and throwing in the towel for us, and your decision to shop small has helped us grow every year since we launched in 2012! This year has been super tough on small businesses, so we thought we’d share a few of our favorite small businesses, from tiny to almost medium-sized, so you can keep putting your dollars in places that truly matter! Most of these companies have provided discount codes good for Small Business Saturday or through the weekend, so don't dilly dally! Thank you from the bottom of every heart on the Osmia team for your business, your support, and for being part of our beautiful community. 


Proper Topper

From Sarah:

"This wonderful, charming company was the source of my very first official paycheck, at age 16. I’d had loads of odd jobs before then, but I felt proud as a peacock when I opened up that grown-up envelope! Even better, this company was started by a woman I practically worship, from her business ethics to the way she makes you feel like a welcome guest even if you stop by at the worst possible time. Her store makes you feel the same way, with its curated collection of unique and wonderful gifts and clothing. Anna was a lawyer, and had the nerve to pivot completely when she started her company back in the 1990s. Maybe, just maybe, she planted the seed for me to leave medicine and start Osmia?"

Featured Product:

A Box of Sunshine

The name alone makes us smile. A box of handmade, succulent-wrapped chocolates, Cup of Sunshine Tea, a blood orange soy candle, and a box of bright wooden matches. Happiness—here we come. 

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Actually Curious

Michael Tennant is the brainchild behind this brilliant idea: a card game designed to enhance and spread empathy! The cards have questions that provoke thoughtful conversations, and they come at a time when a boost in empathy might just be some of the best medicine on the market—for all of us.

Featured Product:

Actually Curious Bundle

Get both editions of Actually Curious! A card game and a mission to spread empathy, Actually Curious helps players builds connections through meaningful questions.The Original Curiosity Edition explores questions of background, values and views on important issues.The Happy Hour Edition includes questions that explore dreams, ambitions and cherished memories with friends, family and loved ones. 

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Lisa Crowder Jewelry

From Sarah:

"A couple years ago, I bought a pair of Lisa’s earrings while wandering around town with my dad in Cape Cod. I loved them when I bought them, but had no idea how much I would wear them! They’ve become my absolute faves, and they remind me of that sweet afternoon spent with my pop in one of my favorite places." 

Featured Product:

Three Hammered Disc Earring

You’ve probably seen these on Sarah's ears about a million times! They go with everything (including both Osmia necklaces, of course), make a pleasant tinkling sound on your ears when you dance!

 Lisa Crowder's Three Hammered Disc Earring

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Imogene + Willie

From Sarah:

"My husband should get a paycheck from this company. He lives and breathes this brand, and often buys things for me and our daughters from them, so we love his favorite brand, too! Like Osmia, they put out some fine limited-release products, so make sure you’re signed up to their newsletter to keep up on their awesome tee shirt and denim collections!"

Featured Product:

Indigo Waffle Thermal 

This is pretty much the standard uniform in Sarah's house. She and her daughters often come into the room to find that all three of them are wearing their waffle shirts! Perfect for making waffles on a Saturday morning!

Imogene + Willie's Indigo Waffle Thermal

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Under the Sunlight

From Sarah:

"I’m a pen and paper girl, and I don’t think that will ever change. I love this company’s postcards, and their pretty little journals. I challenge you to name one thing that’s more delightful than receiving an unexpected postcard in the mail. Okay, maybe ice cream or pizza, but nothing else. In fact, I’m going to go send a postcard right now!"

Featured Product:

Sunshine Postcards

Burned CDs and summer camp penpals, remember those days?  We now do everything online, from checking in with our remote team to sending a text reminding our loved ones how much we’re thinking about them. Every so often we need a refresh. Take it back to simpler times with a beautifully crafted postcard. Sometimes, all it takes to brighten the day is some thoughtful snail mail.

Under the Sunlight's Sunshine Postcards

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Savvy Rest

From Sarah:

"We’ve slept on organic latex mattresses for many years now, and I can’t imagine going back to a spring mattress. My husband gets up at an ungodly hour most days, and I don’t ever feel him leaving the bed! They’re not cheap, but neither is a bad back."

Featured Product:

Serenity Mattress

Hopefully, you’re spending at least a third of your day in bed, getting restored and rejuvenated by peaceful sleep. If not, it might be time to upgrade to a natural mattress.

Savvy Rest's Serenity Mattress

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Brand Dave

From Sarah:

"While in Washington, DC a few years ago waiting for our trapeze lessons to begin (true story), my daughters and I got a cup of tea at a little coffee shop and I saw this print on the wall. It made me laugh out loud, and I’ve bought a few of Dave’s pieces and tee shirts since then. Have fun exploring his site, and reach out to him if you’re interested in a custom design! (He will draw your pet!!)"

Featured Product: 

Micro commissions on wood 

A simple rendering of your favorite person pet or thing, screen printed on a tiny piece of wood. Handmade and super special. Final size of your piece will be in the 2 - 3"" range. Only one dog or person or thing per print (these are small!)

Brand Dave's Micro commissions on wood

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Created by working ranchers, Ranchlands Mercantile uses traditional leather-working methods to build heritage-inspired, handmade, heirloom-quality goods, with sales supporting the continued revitalization of rural lifestyles and landscapes. They are committed to the humane treatment of animals, and use ranching practices based on conservation and rehabilitation of the natural environment. 

Featured Product: 

Burk Bag 

Originally designed as a document file for our local brand inspector Kenny Burk Sr., the Burk Bag uses a steel flex-frame opening to secure contents with maximum ease of use. The three sizes serve a variety of purposes, whether you use them to carry your phone, keys, and wallet, your files, or a tablet or computer.

 Ranchland's Burk Bag

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All Roads Design

All Roads is a collaborative metal and textile studio based in the Mojave Desert. Robert is a welder, Janelle is a weaver, and their art comes together in All Roads. 

Featured Product:

The Desert Sun Blanket

The Desert Sun Blanket is an abstract landscape of the desert environment we live in. 100% recycled cotton, Made in the USA. 50” wide x 60” long knit jacquard throw blanket.

All Road Design's The Desert Sun Blanket

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Lokah Coffee

The mission at Lokah is to support women coffee farmers through the sale of world-class organic coffee purchased at or above fair-trade rates; proceeds fund health care, job training, and community infrastructure projects. Their three roasts are air-roasted in upstate NY just before they head out the door to provide an incredibly flavorful, fresh coffee. 

Featured Product: 

Guatemala Asobagri Organic

One of the first groups to organize women coffee farmers, the ASOBAGRI co-op has fought against ingrained cultural barriers such as a stigma against women meeting without men. A delicious organic coffee, Guatemala Asobagri is our lightest roast and features notes of pit fruit and apricot against a backdrop of chocolate-like sweetness.

 Lokah Coffee's Guatemala Asobagri Organic

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