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If you’re open to the fun and wisdom of astrology, and you want to pick a meaningful gift for someone you love this holiday season, this is the guide for you! Most of my astrological research is from a book by Joanna Woolfolk called “The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need”. I picked gifts from some of my favorite companies to match the sun sign characteristics of the people you love—hope you find the perfect present! Oh, and if you want my take on astrology, read this!

Gifts for the active, feisty people in your life.

Because they love a good scalp massage.
Because they’re prone to headaches.
Because red is their favorite color, and they’re very brave!
Because they feel stress most intensely along the spine.
So they can talk someone into a back massage.
Because they love the luxurious things in life.

Because outdoor exercise does them a world of good.
Because these friends love to travel the world.
So their coffee stays hot while they’re wandering.

Gifts for the practical, stable souls you love.


Because they’re prone to colds and laryngitis.
Because they are fond of all things beautiful, and what’s more beautiful than an Osmia soap?
Because they LOVE organization. (And they’ll stay hydrated while they’re at it!)


Because they must learn to trust the universe a little more.
For when the worrying gets too loud.
Because they’re serious about nutrition.


Because they feel things in their bones (and joints).
Vacationland by John Hodgman
Because they appreciate intellectual humor.
Because they like to keep their money organized.


Gifts for the brainy communicators in your crowd.

Because they like to have more than one of everything.
Because their lungs are first to feel the burn.
Because they love to communicate!


Because they are ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty.
Because they appreciate the finer things and like to entertain in style.
Because they love meaningful partnerships and connections.

Because Water Bearers should be Water Wearers.
So their treasured alone time smells amazing.
Because Water Bearers should have nice cold water to bear.

Gifts for your touchy-feely friends

Because nostalgia is their jam. 
Because a little romance goes a long way
A few minutes a day keeps the worries away.


The Snow Child
by Eowyn Ivey
Because they love to confront and enjoy the mystery of the universe.
Because they treasure their loved ones fiercely.
So they can bring their dark and light into balance.

Because they are poets and dreamers.
Because they are friends to all creatures
Because they have sensitive feet.