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The Osmia team is full of outdoorsy, nature-loving folks, so of course, we have big plans in place for the spring. Learn what we're adding to the to-do list to gear up for the greener days ahead.
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"I just bought a pair of rollerblades and my spring plans involve a lot of falling. There will be full safety regalia involved, but I plan on soaking in a tub of Recovery Salt Bath to help ease my bumps and bruises."


"Admittedly, I am dreaming of warm weather and breaking out my bike for sunset rides. My fiance and I just built some new plant shelves for our apartment in anticipation of spring. Once the warm weather breaks we'll be able to finish our shelf project and get our hands busy with some other woodworking projects we have been planning. I'm also getting eager to break out my bow and get back to the archery range, which will probably require a re-watch of The Hunger Games and anything with Hawkeye for some inspiration."


"Springtime—I can't even think about spring, I'm still on the hunt for powder days!!"


"I am probably the only one not ready for spring—I want more skiing!! Once March hits we will hopefully be breaking ground on our house!"


"I obsessively clean my house, put on new curtains, rearrange furniture and plan out the garden. Same with the body—I get conscious about healthy food, must get that haircut in, take a little more time to take care of myself. No more hats to cover the messy hair or long pants to hide dry legs as the weather warms up"


"Spring is the weirdest season for me, it feels like a winter part 2 as I not so patiently wait for summer. I primarily just stock up on allergy meds to prepare but I also enjoy the time where I'm able to put away all my winter clothing and purge some excess stuff that's been stacking up around my house."


"Spring means mud season, and as my driveway will most likely become a mudslide after the snow melts and provide heart-pounding experiences comparable to Disney’s Space Mountain, I will be looking forward to some off-road-type experiences in my own front yard. Also… looking for those first tulips of the season is my favorite kind of scavenger hunt, and gives me strength that the snow will soon melt and hiking is just around the corner."


"We bought a camper last year so we could get out more with the kids during COVID—so we're planning ahead and booking all the Colorado campsites!"


" For the past couple of years, one of my go-to's to get ready for Spring has been mapping out my garden. Who knew there really is a science to deciding where to plant things for optimal growth. I also love to bust out the cleaning supplies and deep clean my house for a weekend. I open all the windows, burn some sage and crank up the music to get motivated. I also highly suggest putting "Homecoming" by Beyonce on to really get the cleaning party started."
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