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While most of us would double tap the Instagram post of a serene person in a Turkish white robe sitting near a steaming mineral bath, wearing a seaweed mask in a breathtaking green hue while sipping a matcha latte, we don’t all have time or money to make that situation a reality - at least, not on a regular basis. I love a good spa trip, but I’d argue that regular, real-life spa days in your own bathroom have greater potential for improving your wellness over time than a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Bali or Mallorca. Here, I’ll give you a step-by-step prescription for the perfect home spa session; in a few short hours, you’ll feel refreshed, nurtured, and like you’ve finally given yourself the attention you deserve.

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Total Time: 30 Minutes

As you prepare to take care of your skin and your senses, you should be thinking about how you can nourish yourself from the inside, as well. Start by putting on this playlist and shimmying around the kitchen as you make our beloved Mama’s Vegetable Soup, leaving it to simmer on the stove while you pamper yourself. It’s super simple, incredibly comforting, and the whole family will ask for seconds.

Then, whip up this Golden Latte with fresh turmeric and ginger to sip slowly throughout your spa session, preferably in a mug that will keep it nice and hot for hours!


Total Time: 10 Minutes

As you move into the meditative part of this ritual, choose music that moves you, makes you feel open and alive. Want a suggestion? This album by a favorite Colorado artist is my top pick!

Start with dry hair, and a beautiful jar of our Rosemary Body Mousse. I know, it says “body”, but wait until you see how much body your hair has after this routine! Take a large scoop of mousse in your palm, and add a few pumps of Innersense Harmonic Healing Oil, mixing them together in your hands. Starting at the scalp, massage the mixture into your roots and hair, gently pulling on your hair in a direction perpendicular to your scalp - it feels so good! Take time to massage your scalp well, and get your hair saturated with product. If you have long or very thick hair, you may want to add some of your favorite conditioner to the mix to make it easier to distribute. Once the hair is plump with product, tie your hair up in a bun if it’s long, and cover with a (recycled, of course) plastic bag or a damp towel. If you need a visual tutorial, watch this!


Total Time: 10 Minutes

Dry brushing is a soothing ritual that can remove tired skin cells and prepare your skin to receive all the goodness you’re about to bestow on it! Take the time to move slowly and thoroughly here, going over each section of the body gently two or three times.  For more specific instructions on dry brushing, check out our post on waking up winter skin here.


Total Time: 15 Minutes

Now that your body is brushed, slip on your favorite robe (we love this company) and get your mask ready! Start by grabbing your favorite face mask, like our Detox Exfoliating Mask. Remember to wash your face first with your favorite Osmia facial cleanser. Note - our detox mask will stain a light-colored washcloth, so don’t use it to remove the mask!

Once your mask is on, start filling the tub or preparing the shower. Keep your mask hydrated with your favorite toner, or with this vanilla scented mist. Alternatively, you can moisten the mask with wet hands or a damp washcloth to keep it from drying completely on your skin.


Total Time: 30 Minutes

If you’re lucky enough to have a tub, why not fill it with oats, roses, and epsom salt?  While you soak, listen to your music or an audiobook (here are some of my favorite books ever!), making sure the door is locked and your email is too far away to attack you. If you’re feeling sore or recovering from illness, our Recovery Salt Bath is pretty magical.

If the mask feels like it needs to come off at any time, simply rinse it away gently with water and your fingertips.

Need some more music? Here’s a mellow playlist!


Total Time: 30 Minutes

Start by dropping 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil or blend on the floor of your shower, away from where the water is flowing. I love eucalyptus, grapefruit, or gorgeous therapeutic blends.

Next, if you haven’t already, remove your face mask by gently massaging it away under the shower. Don’t scrub your skin any more than necessary to remove the mask. Follow with one more quick wash to make sure you’ve removed all of the mask from the skin - don’t worry, your skin soaked up all the good stuff!

Wash your hair thoroughly, maybe even twice, to remove all the conditioner and mousse. Follow with your usual hair conditioner. Rinse your conditioner, and put your hair back up if it’s long.

Now, let’s get to the territory below the collarbones! Start by washing your body gently with our Milky Rose Soap - it’s one of the most luxurious bars we make. It has organic buttermilk powder, so if you’re vegan, try our Lavender Shea or Citrus Pearl Soap. Once you’re all rinsed, it’s time to buff that body with our Himalayan Body Buff. Using the wooden scoop, place a couple tablespoons of scrub in your hands, and spread it over your arms and upper body, avoiding sensitive areas. Massage the scrub in with gentle, circular motions, away from the shower spray if possible, while inhaling the rich scents of Bulgarian lavender and Canadian fir. Repeat for the lower body. Once you’re satisfied like a mama bear who just scratched her back on a giant redwood tree, step under the shower and rinse away all the salt. You’ll notice the water will bead up on your skin because the oil from the scrub is still in place, and that’s exactly how you want it. If you’re going to shave your legs or your underarms, do it AFTER the scrub, using your beautiful bar of soap as your shaving cream.

Ideally, when you step out of the shower, you should let your skin air dry, or at least try not to wipe away all the delicious oils on your skin. Apply a touch of Rosemary Body Mousse to any rough spots, your nail beds, and to your legs if you shaved. Then wash your hands quickly before applying your facial products.

Once you’ve applied your favorite facial products, be sure to give a little extra love to your lips with our Lip Repair, and to your hard-working hands, with one of our hand creams.


Total Time: 5 - 10 minutes

After taking all this time to care for yourself, find a spot to sit quietly for a few minutes and simply breathe. Don’t skip this step! We often move through the phases of a spa day like they’re another to-do list, but taking some time to breathe at the end of it will allow you to absorb what you’ve just done. Think about the things you’re grateful for, think about how taking this time will allow you to give more to others, think about nothing at all - but breathe deeply for the duration, inviting a sense of calm. When you feel you’ve completed your meditation, think about soup, because there’s a pot of it waiting on the stove for you.


Here’s a shopping list so you can prepare for your spa day ahead of time. If you want to save a little money, you can purchase samples of most of the products we recommend, or substitute similar products you already have at home.

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With love and a decadent spa day from us to you,