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People often ask me what my favorite Osmia products are, and it almost feels like cheating on all our other amazing products to pick favorites! But there are a few I use every single day for specific reasons, so I’ll share those, and throw in my current favorites all around, even if I might change my mind next week.
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Black Clay Facial Soap

This was the first facial soap I created, but that’s not why it holds a superstar place in my heart. The reason I love this soap is because of a pesky skin condition called perioral dermatitis, and the way this little bar helped my skin find itself again when I was struggling with PD. Since then, it’s helped a huge number of people with dermatitis, acne, eczema and other skin issues - almost 800 reviews on our website tell the story! 

Purely Simple Face Cream

Again, this product helped my skin recover from perioral dermatitis, so I will be forever grateful for this stuff! Skin suffering from perioral dermatitis (PD) does not like oils or heavy creams, so I formulated this lotion with soothing, water-soluble aloe vera and a lower percentage of oil than most creams. It penetrates quickly, leaving the skin nourished with a gentle matte finish. There are 475 reviews on our site for this one, so I guess some other people feel the same. Beauty hack - a dab of Purely Simple works really well to scrunch up wavy hair or tame down frizzies! 

Nectar Nourishing Drops

 nectar rose drops
Now solidly into my 40-something years, and with my dermatitis under good control, I sometimes want a little extra something to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day. While oils themselves are not hydrating, a few drops of Nectar enhance the penetration of Purely Simple to an alarming degree. I find that my skin stays soft and supple even on the driest days out in the mountains of Colorado.
Nectar is also an amazing multitasker. I use it as an eye makeup remover, an eye treatment, and a glow enhancer - one drop patted onto cheekbones is really beautiful on the skin. And the scent is like a trip to a luscious rose garden, so that’s another perk.


Spotless Blemish Oil

spotless blemish oil
My little genie in a bottle. I can honestly say there have been at least three times when I’ve been flying across the country to an event and this amazing stuff got rid of an emerging zit in the air. It works quickly and quietly when applied every few hours, and it can really pack a punch while you sleep. Essential oils of cajeput, lemon, lavender, and thyme make the blemish less angry, while the evening primrose oil helps keep the top layer of skin healthy rather than flaky and dry. It’s great for ingrown hairs, as well, so give a bottle to your fella if he shaves!

Lip Doctor

lip doctor
I developed this formula after figuring out that I had become allergic to castor oil, which is in almost every lip product on the market. It’s my favorite lip product of all time, so I’m almost glad I developed the allergy! There are no essential oils, so it’s amazing for super sensitive lips, young kids, and for anyone who doesn’t want their lips to smell like flowers or peppermint! It keeps my lips soft and nourished even in the mountain sun and wind - and that’s no easy job. Pretty much anyone who tries Lip Doctor falls in love with it!

Milky Rose Soap

milky rose soap 
I love every single bar soap we make. They’re like my children, and I truly can’t pick a favorite. But Milky Rose is my almost-favorite. It’s so moisturizing, works beautifully for shaving legs, and leaves my skin feeling spa-levels of soft. The soft, rosy scent makes any trace of a bad mood or a tough day disappear down the drain. Sometimes I just put a bar on my desk for comfort - almost as good as a hug from a friend. (A gorgeous friend, I might add.)

Soap Travel Bag

We don’t make these, but we sell them and they’re brilliant. You just pop your still-wet bar of soap in the little bag, pull the string tight, and throw it in your suitcase. You can rinse and air dry the bag when you get where you’re going! SO much better than a plastic case or a ziploc. (Here’s a protip: in a pinch, use a clean sock to travel with your soap!)

Water Body Oil
water body oil

Remember how I said I couldn’t pick a favorite soap? The same goes for our body oils, all of which I really adore. I use Night most evenings, and it’s such a soothing way to end the day. But Water is my aromatherapy secret weapon. When I have a big day ahead or need to feel like I’m standing on particularly solid ground, I reach for Water. The vetiver makes me feel my roots, and the ginger lily brings a lightness that reminds me not to take life (or myself) too seriously!

Lavender Body Mousse

lavender mousse
Some lavender products are a little medicinal smelling - lavender can have a sharp scent sometimes, and, while I love the aroma, I usually blend it with something else to soften its edges. But not this lavender. This is a purple fluffball kind of lavender scent from a varietal called “maillette”, and it makes me believe in unicorns and fairies. (I wish I were kidding.) My favorite trick with this or any of our body mousses is to massage it into your feet before you work out, under your socks - you’ll have baby unicorn fairy feet when you’re done.
So, there you have it! These products are my favorite Osmia staples - the ones I really don't want to live without for any length of time. They've helped my skin and returned me to my senses, and I hope they do exactly that for you. Got any favorites of your own? What are they, and why? I'd love to know. 

With love and unicorns from us to you,