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Nothing is more satisfying than reading a good book while soaking in your favorite bath. We asked the Osmia team which pages they would like to turn in the tub, and we thought we’d share their picks! Get ready to unwind.

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"A young couple disappears under strange circumstances after a night out. A year later a novelist gets fascinated by their story and starts digging. Literally. Mystery/thriller."

21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harrari

"This book has it all. History, science, religion, AI, economics, job market, education..  it should be a must read for all!"

The Enneagram by Ross Hudson

"Fascinating, I am new to the enneagram and fascinated by it at the moment. It describes and explains the 9 types of personalities. I am definitely a 1."



"Old classic.... It's a feel-good love story! It's uplifting, inspiring, and full of hope.



"The story revolves around Hiram who was born into slavery and whose mother was sold while he was still very young. Hiram has a near death experience and from then on decides to live his life differently. The story follows Hiram as he escapes slavery and helps many people do the same. This book is so beautifully written and I have loved it so far!"



"I haven't started reading anything lately, but I will say when I take a bath I always like to watch a movie or show on my computer. I guess you could say it's hard for me to "unplug".  My fave thing to watch in the tub is Sex and the City or the Great British Baking Show. Nothing relaxes me more than neurotic Carrie and biscuit week."



" I gravitated towards this collection both for the 12 new eerie tales (and 11 classics), but also because of the ideas from the forward that reminds winter is truly the time for ghost stories as the weather is "dead dark, bleak and without remorse...In Halloween, the veil between worlds grows thin, but in winter it's ripped clean open, and in the unrelenting cold we see straight through to the other side. And the other side sees straight into us. It is not a time for revelry. It is a time for ghost stories." As we move into fall and know winter is just around the corner, I thought this would be the perfect book to read as the seasons change! Plus, the short stories are the perfect length for a luxurious soak in the tub!"



 "I love any of the Louise Penny mysteries. I adore the main character, Armand Gamache, the heavily mustached and stoic chief inspector, and like to listen to these books to hear the French-Canadian accents. The town where these stories take place reminds me of Carbondale with the snow and pines and seasons. I’ve fallen for every quirky character that lives in this make-believe village. Louise Penny recently co-authored a new mystery with Hillary Clinton that I can’t wait to read."



"Just finished You Are Your Best Thing by Tarana Burke and Brené Brown, a collection of authentic experiences shared by Black writers from all different backgrounds. It was a powerful, thought-provoking read.
I tend to alternate between non-fiction and fiction, so I’m currently listening to A Slow Fire Burning by Paula Hawkins—I needed a good mystery, and so far it’s doing the trick!"


" This was such a great book!  It's about a girl in the 1500's in France that makes a Faustian pact with the devil. Very intriguing and beautiful."


" The book is a collage of essays and poetry by a broad spectrum of women. They are leading conversations about how to change human systems for the better. Wonderful to keep next to the bed - or bath! While acknowledging the range of emotions climate change evokes, the authors together lay out a path towards a future that is more functional for more people, animals, and ecosystems than the present. Felt like I needed this!"


" I'm really enjoying this book! It's a science fiction novel that was originally written in 1965, but has aged amazingly well and is beautifully written. It's full of adventure, but also very deep, so it's gonna make you think!"
"This is another one I re-read every year! If you love strong, independent female leads, read this book! Be warned, there are some steamy scenes, but definitely not fifty shades level."


" The author is such an amazing woman. So far I’ve only read about the beginning of her trip following the monarch migration in Mexico, and her time pre-ride where she stayed in a small rural town for several months near their wintering lands. It’s been fascinating. "
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