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Shop Smaller With Your Dollars!

It’s Small Business Saturday again, and we’re here with our annual list of ideas for great companies to support this holiday season! We’ve gotten to know a few new partners through our giveaways this year, and we hope you’ll love getting to know them, too. From candles to blankets to bracelets to beanies, you’ll have tons of options for unique and lovely gifts that support unique and lovely businesses! Happy small shopping, friends!!

Savvy Rest

Savvy Rest makes beautiful, organic things for your bedroom, where (hopefully) you spend at least a third of your life! I can't sleep without a body pillow anymore, and the Organic Kapok Body Pillow fits the bill! (Now if only I could convince my husband that a body pillow is not his personal enemy...)


Featured Product:
Woman sleeping on an organic body pillow form Savvy Rest
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 Jenny Patinkin

Jenny Patinkin is the QUEEN of beauty tools and gadgets. From brushes to rollers to reusable cotton rounds, Jenny's products have the perfect blend of form, function, and sustainability!


Featured Product:
Set of white reusable cotton makeup rounds with a pink travel case
Shop with Jenny Patinkin for 20% off your order on 11/22 - 12/5. No code required.


Branch Basics

Branch Basics has seriously nailed it. One concentrate to clean your glass, bathrooms, surfaces, and laundry. You can use it unscented, or add a few drops of your favorite essential oils. I love both the Glass Starter Kit and the Premium Starter Kit—I use their products in my home every single day, and love how simple and safe they are!


Featured Product:
Branch Basics Glass bottle set on a wood stool
Use code OSMIAORGANICS for 20% off all starter kits, Travel Kit, & Glass Bottle Kit 11/22-12/5.


Maple Craft Foods

Sorry, did someone say Pancakes and CBD Candies? Sounds like a Sunday to me! Maple Craft Foods makes everything you need for the pancake or waffle lover in your life, including every flavor of natural maple syrup you can imagine!


Featured Product:
Stack of Pancakes being covered with maple syrup
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Aspen Clean Candle

I had all but given up on candles before I met Jill from Aspen Clean Candle. Either they were made with cheap ingredients, fake scents, or they didn't last long enough to bother with them. But now I'm a candle believer again! Aspen Clean Candle makes their candles with soy wax and organic hemp and cotton wicks. Many of their candles use only essential oils for scent, and all scents are phthalate free.


Featured Product:
Grey "rest" candle from Aspen clean candle co
Use code CLEANCANDLES10 for 10% off your entire order through 12/31



I hated matcha until I met Matcha Kari. This is Dr. Weil's matcha brand, and, as with just about everything Dr. Weil does, it's done incredibly well. Their premium quality, organic matcha is grassy and smooth, and I love the ritual of whisking up a cup of matcha in the mornings!


Featured Product: 
Full Matcha Set on grey background
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Isa Catto

Oh Isa Catto, why did it take me so long to find you? Isa is an incredibly talented artist and neighbor, and her designs are such a great mix of whimsy and elegance. Whether you need a new journal, a tote bag, or a neck gaiter for hiking outdoors, Isa has you covered!


Featured Product: 
Woman with Blue and white tote bag from Isa Catto
Check out Isa Catto for 20% off your entire order 11/26 - 11/29


All Roads Design

Robert and Janelle from All Roads create a gorgeous blend of hard things (metal) and soft things (textiles), with a lovely Mojave Desert vibe. We love the Desert Floor Blanket—all cotton and made in the USA.


Featured Product:
Pink, orange, and brown blanket held up by a person in the desert
Use code SMALLBIZ for 15% off your entire order through 12/1


Taylor & Tessier

Taylor and Tessier, our friends and neighbors, make the most beautiful boho-inspired jewelry! We especially love their custom word bracelet—you can engrave a special word on the outside, and a super-special, secret word on the inside!


Featured Product: 
Close up on a family with wearing custom word bracelets
Shop with Taylor & Tessier for 20% off the entire site 11/22 - 11/30. No code required.

Proper Topper

The Proper Topper was my very first employer! Started by a disenchanted lawyer, my dear friend Anna, the Proper Topper has grown into an online gifting destination, as well as a lovely little shop in Washington, DC. Anna's taste is impeccable and unique—the perfect combination for the gifting season!


Featured Product:
Just Chill Gift Set from Propper Topper
Use code OSMIA for 20% off Just Chill gift box and PomPom Beanies, 11/26 - 11/29