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When your skin is dry, it can’t do its job well.

Why, why, why with the dry, dry, dry? Let’s figure out how to add some water to the equation and get your skin to its happy place again.

What is Dry Skin?

Dry skin can indicate a few issues. The first, and most critical, is dehydration. If you’re not drinking a minimum of half your body weight in ounces of pure water daily, you’re probably behind the eight ball. Every cell in your body needs water to function, and you have about thirty trillion cells, so water is in serious demand!

Another thing that can cause dry skin is irritation from household ingredients like sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate and synthetic fragrance. These ingredients can create a constant state of low-level irritation, and leave your skin tight, itchy, and frustrated.

Dry skin can also be the first symptom of eczema or dermatitis. If you notice red or inflamed areas, or circular patches of dryness, you may want to chat with your doctor and read our article about how to manage eczema naturally. Lastly, persistent dry skin that doesn’t respond to lifestyle changes could indicate an underlying issue like hypothyroidism, so talk with your healthcare provider if you’re concerned.

Dry skin

Let's do this together.

You’ll need to become an expert label reader, and pay close attention to your household products, daily habits, diet, and hydration. With patience and attention to detail, you can start to change the things that are upsetting your skin.

critical beginning steps

Super hot water
Hot water pulls more oil from your skin, so it’s best to keep your showers on the shorter, warmer side. As good as a long hot shower feels, it’s not helping your skin stay soft!

Sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate
SLS is a foaming agent in almost everything that bubbles, except for real soap. You will find it in your toothpaste, your shampoo, your laundry detergent, your dish washing liquid, and your body wash. There are many ways to make SLS, some of them plant-based, so don’t assume that your “green” detergent or hair care doesn’t use it. Unfortunately, SLS has been shown to be a serious skin irritant, even in its gentler forms, so it really, truly has to go.

Synthetic fragrance
Fragrance is composed of hundreds of undisclosed ingredients, many of which are allergens and irritants, which can trigger inflammation in the skin and leave it feeling dry and tight.

It may seem like you can scrub away your flaky skin, but it’s already irritated and upset, so save the scrubbing for the near future, when your skin is on the mend.

Commercial soaps and body washes
Mass-produced, conventional soaps and body washes are usually very drying to the skin, and don’t have any of the nourishing goodness of handcrafted, organic bar soap.

Osmia Bar Soap
Our favorite bars for dry skin are Oh So, Oh So Detox, Milky Rose, and Lavender Shea. Wash with them once daily in a warm (not hot) shower.

Osmia Purely Simple Face Cream
This gentle cream penetrates quickly, providing much needed moisture to all layers of the skin. It’s a daily dose of simple, effective hydration, and can be boosted with a few drops of Nectar Nourishing Drops for extra nourishment.

Osmia Body Oil and Mousse
Simple formulas with nourishing oils help reestablish the normal barrier function of your skin. Apply after cleansing to sopping wet skin, massaging the oil or mousse into the water on your skin. You can stick with unscented products like Naked Body Oil and Mousse, or explore some of our favorite scents like Night Body Oil and Sandalwood Body Mousse.

super important next steps

Keep notes as you make changes, and see how your skin responds. You may notice that one or two changes make a big difference, or you may find you need to be really diligent and try every suggestion in this article before you notice a shift in your skin. It’s also interesting to make notes if you notice your skin getting dry again—is it the season, your stress, or that one, long hot shower you couldn’t resist?

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