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Heads up, friends.

This is an utterly random collection of items, connected in NO way other than the fact that I absolutely love these products, and use most of them every day. I have had this list in my head for ages - roughly defined as the list of things I would shamelessly promote to strangers on the street. I’d tell people about them not because there was profit in it for me, but simply because I think their lives would be better if they knew about them. I can't promise they'll do for you what they do for me. I'm just telling you I think they're amazing. 


H. Gillerman Organics Remedies

When you first meet certain people, you can feel their healing energy from across the room. This is true of Hope Gillerman. Everything is “true” about Hope - she’s one of the most genuine, compassionate, unfiltered people I’ve met in a long time. She’s also a tough business woman and expects people to strive to be their best selves, which makes me love her even more. It came as no surprise that something molecular happened when I first inhaled one of Hope’s blends - as if she were in the room, reminding me to breathe and tap into my own power. I’ve tried most of them, and love them all. I use the Muscle Remedy frequently, as I use my muscles a lot in these Colorado mountains. It’s a deeply soothing blend, including vetiver, basil, and lavender, and the aroma lasts a few hours on the skin. I also love her pepperminty Tension Remedy for a mid-afternoon energy slump or at the onset of a headache.


If you’re not the type of person who can afford the time or money for weekly massages (do those people exist?), these are the next best thing. I LOVE these little balls. They’re made of hard rubber, and you use your body weight to work them deeply into your muscles. After a good T-sphere session, I actually feel like I’ve had professional work done, which makes sense, as these balls were created by a massage therapist. It takes a bit of breath work to let them do their job well - it’s fairly intense, but you can always adjust to your comfort level. Often, if I’m having trouble sleeping, I spend a few minutes with these spheres and some calming breaths, and then my body is able to let go of tension and get comfortable again. Some are scented with essential oils, and some are unscented. There are small ones and large ones - I’d recommend a set of each. And I love using these balls with Hope's remedies above - they go together like peas and carrots.

Diva Cup

The fact that I just learned about this product a couple years ago is tragic, but the woman who invented it is brilliant. It’s an enlightening revelation for any woman who menstruates - they make two sizes, and they'll help you decide which one to choose. I know it’s gross to talk about period stuff, but isn’t it a bit silly that we can’t talk openly about the thing that makes us able to have babies, and that happens to every single woman approximately 450 times in her life? (Diva Cup does a great job with education by the way.) So, I’ll let you read the reviews yourself, but let me leave you with this: it’s a total game changer. A life-altering, never-look-back, how-did-I-ever-live-without-it game changer. I shower twice a day (quickly) to change and wash the cup, and don’t even have tampons or pads in the house anymore. No more strings, no more messes, no more wrapping stuff up in toilet paper, no more waste. Just an invisible secret weapon for those few days a month when life tries to slow you down.


I never thought I could feel romantic toward a flip-flop, but this is close. If I’m not wearing these shoes, I’m thinking about the next time I can get them on my feet. They’re my summer shoes, my slippers, my post-run shoes, my get-out-of-bed shoes, and my favorite shoes to recommend to everyone I know. They’re supposed to “aid recovery”, which is great for people like me who exercise fanatically and frequently have sore feet and muscles. But, I also recommended them to my 80-year-old in-laws, who think they’re the greatest thing since potato chips. I think all humans who stand or walk at all need these shoes. I’ve mostly worn the flip-flops, but they generously sent me a pair of their new high-tops when I asked them to donate a pair to the giveaway, so I’ll be cruising around in those this fall!

Loohoo Dryer Balls

Because who uses dryer sheets anymore?? In case you do, here’s the list of ingredients on a natural brand of dryer sheets: Palm fatty acid (plant-derived softener), di-(palm carboxyethyl) hydroxyethyl methylammonium methyl sulfates (plant-derived softener). Say that even one time fast. You couldn’t, right?

Instead, say this: wool. Wasn't that easy?? Just toss in these wool dryer balls to reduce drying time and soften your clothes naturally. They’re made in Maine with domestic wool, and colored with natural dyes that don’t bleed into your clothing. I put a few drops of essential oil in them before tossing them in the dryer with my clothes. I especially love doing this with our sheets and some lavender essential oil - heavenly sleep coming right up!

OO Necklace

I wear this necklace most of the time, and it’s got a pretty special backstory. It’s made of sterling silver and bronze by a talented jeweler (and my dear childhood friend), and matches every outfit on the planet. It makes the most pleasant little jangly noise, and is fun to fiddle with during meetings. When I had Stacey make mine, I got so many compliments that I decided to give them to my team. Then, my team got so many comments on theirs that we decided we needed to sell them on our site. I’m thinking Stacey needs to make some earrings next...

Left-T Design Jade Bracelet

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m also a bracelet girl. My friend, Tina, is an incredible mala-maker, but she also creates beautiful mala bracelets. There’s something powerful for me about jade. I don’t think it does all the miraculous things some people claim, but it’s soothing to the eye and cool on the skin, and I think I feel calmer when I wear it? That’s good enough for me - if you let the small things in life bring you joy, you’ll have plenty of joy to share.


With love and healthy, happy living from us to you,