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This is just a quick note to let you know that our Light Body Oil, already a top seller, just got better.

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If you’re a fan of citrus, this is the body oil for you.  We are so pleased to provide a citrusy note here using organic lemongrass essential oil and organic, bergaptene-free bergamot essential oil.  Bergamot is a gorgeous Italian citrus, best known for its scent in Earl Grey tea (my favorite morning ritual – even better than oil-pulling!). I use bergamot frequently in natural perfumery, as it is a total crowd-pleaser, and goes with almost everything.  


Using it in the new Light Body Oil is such a treat for us, because we really try to avoid using citrus oils in our leave-on products due to the risk of a phototoxic reaction.  This is a rare but very unfortunate possibility with citrus oils, and manifests as a rash, often severe, that can leave permanent scars.  Yikes!  Now, if the citrus oil has had its photosensitizing component removed, as with the bergaptene-free bergamot oil, phototoxicity is no longer a significant concern.  (The component in bergamot oil that causes the photosensitization is called bergaptene, and can be removed.  Why “they” have not figured out how to do this with all the other citrus oils is mystifying, and we wish “they” would hurry up and do so.)  So, we use beautiful bergamot in this new formulation of Light Body Oil, and you don’t have to stress about rashes and other unpleasant things!  And Lemongrass.  Who doesn’t LOVE the smell of lemongrass?  Aromatherapeutically, it is purported to enhance mental clarity – simultaneously calming and enlivening.

We also weave ylang-ylang into the mix.  (By the way, it’s pronounced eee-long, not yuh-lang – who knew?)  Ylang is a shockingly sweet essential oil.  It can be difficult to use without the entire blend becoming sweeter than the cheerleader you loved to hate in high school.  (But, then there was that rare cheerleader whom you eventually hated to hate because it turned out she was really, truly, deeply that sweet.  Plus her dog died.)  In this blend, however, it’s as if you just saw her out of the corner of your eye as she flounced down the hall between classes, and you thought to yourself “Wow, I really like her hair today.  I’m totally trying a side braid when I get home.”

Finally, there is a touch of balsam of Peru in the new Light Body Oil. It is a resin from a Central and South-American tree, with myriad medicinal uses and a soft, balsamic, vanilla-like scent.  It serves to bind and unify the blend of essential oils, and in low concentrations, can help soothe skin irritations.  (It can cause skin allergies in higher concentrations, which is why we use it at a level below even the most conservative recommendations in our oil.)

Have I frightened you with all this talk of skin sensitization and reactions?

It’s just because I’m a doctor (and a girl with a really direct communication style) that I’m sharing all this with you!  Some companies have no CLUE what these oils can do if used improperly. Some have a clue, but don’t really want to talk about it.  And, then, there’s Osmia.  We are here to give you all the beauty of nature, without the hazards that come of not knowing how powerful She can be.  Respected and used properly, though, these oils are not only safe, but utterly lovely and therapeutic.  So, ask for a sample of the new Light with your next order.  Or, if you’re a citrus fan, just take the leap of faith and give it a try!

All of our body oils use the same base of 11 amazing, nourishing plant oils (9 are certified organic) that soften skin and soak in quickly, leaving you velvety, not greasy. We are on a no-so-secret mission to convert you all to body oil believers – just apply it to WET skin, and you should never need body lotion again!  

*We use a small amount of lemon essential oil in our Spotless Blemish Oil, which is applied only to pimples, and not over a large surface area. You would not want to apply this all over your face and then go sunbathing.  Then again, you probably just want to skip the sunbathing.  Madonna told me so.

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