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Ashlie Gammill

Customer Service Manager

Born In:

Atlanta, GA

A scent related memory from childhood:

The smell of pine trees that surrounded our home in Georgia combined with the thick, heavy scent of humidity that saturated every waking moment in the South.

Favorite essential oil:  

I love the invigorating smell of Mint! It's refreshing, wakes me up, and helps to keep headaches at bay.

What I am listening to right now:

I'm not too picky about my genre of music and tend to listen to a wide variety of everything, especially music I can dance to!

Favorite thing about you:

My sense of humor and empathetic nature, both of which allow me to bond deeply with people and have fun while doing so.


Two adorable pups named Zeek and Zoe, along with a bearded dragon named Beardy by my kiddo.

Favorite memory of your mom:  

Driving cross country from Georgia to Glacier National Park in Montana was by far one of the best times I have had with my Mom.  We camped, hiked, laughed a lot and had a fantastic pancake breakfast at a little Trout Farm we found along the way.

Death row meal:  

Pizza, a glass of Pinot Grigio, and Chocolate Mousse for desert.