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Our favorite guest beauty blogger, Emily Barth Isler, rounded up her green makeup faves, from brands to stores to products. Here’s her in-depth article on the best in healthy makeup, and we’ve listed the highlights below for quick reference. Enjoy!

Emily’s Core Brands 

Āether Beauty 
Au Naturale
Vapour Organic Beauty 

Emily’s Standout Products

Āether Beauty Palettes
RMS Eye Polish 
HAN Skincare Cosemetics Cheek and Lip Tint  
W3LL PEOPLE Mascara  
Kjaer Weis Eye Pencils 
Kari Gran Lip Whip
14e Cosmetics Aloe Nourish Foundation

Emily’s Trusted Stores

Integrity Botanicals 
Beauty Heroes 

Emily’s Tips + Tricks

Skincare first! Osmia's Facial Serums make an excellent base for smooth makeup application. Makeup looks better when applied onto a well-nourished canvas. 
    Don't overdo the powder. Rose-Marie Swift says that using powder when you’re over a certain age is not helpful. I do find it settles into my fine lines and I use less of it than I used to. I can’t quite do without it— I really don’t like to look shiny or too glowy—but targeted powder use is better than an all over dusting.
      I'm a big fan of blush. I think it wakes up the face. More people should embrace blush—it’s the most underrated product out there. 
        Color outside the lines! I use RMS Eye Polish in Seduce or Solar and Kjaer Weis Eye Pencil in brown on my lips! If it’s healthy makeup, use it anywhere on your face, not just where it’s marketed to be used.
          The best makeup is drinking tons of water and getting enough sleep!!! Sorry, there are no shortcuts there!
            Don't worry so much about covering up a big zit. You can't change topography. Use concealer to neutralize the red, if you want to, and then slap on some lovely, bright lipstick and some mascara and go on with your day. 
              Don't over-contour. Just don't. It takes soooooo much time and you don’t need to look like an Instagram model (unless you are an Instagram model). Let's see more "real" and less fake, okay?
                For everyday makeup, look for multi-taskers: a tinted SPF moisturizer instead of foundation plus SPF plus moisturizer; blush that works on eyes and cheeks, too; lipstick that also moisturizes your lips.
                  Look like yourself. You don’t need to be anyone but who you already are, so go for the products that enhance your natural beauty. Express yourself, but don’t cover up your true essence.

                    Check out the whole article here, and find Emily on Instagram with your green makeup questions!