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Taja Setzer

Director of Operations

Born in:
North Carolina

A scent related memory from your childhood:
The smooth earthy smell of my leather saddle.

Favorite essential oil now, and why:
Lavender, because of all its medicinal properties. Two things I carry in my backpack: 1) 2 oz of echinacea tincture in case of a snake bite, and 2) lavender essential oil for stings, burns, bug bites, scrapes, etc. It is also lovely in the evenings to help me fall asleep. 

Three favorite bands:
Phish, Widespread Panic, Rolling Stones...the list could go on forever. Did I mention that I LOVE to dance?!?

Your favorite thing about you:
I love to laugh and make people smile.

3 adorable dwarf goats - Wilbur, Rego and Brownie who totally crack me up. AND, a hilarious puppy named Rosko who also thinks he's a goat and can jump REALLY high. If I could adopt all the animals in the world that need a home or are hungry, I totally would. That being said, there are often some other lovely creatures that appear around our house from time to time. The newest addition is a hive of bees. Save the Honey Bees!

Favorite memory of your mom:
Her laugh & our summer trip to Aspen that confirmed the fact that I must live here one day!! Dreams do come true! Now if I can just get her and my dad to move out to paradise.

Death Row Meal:
PIZZA and salad with a nice glass of red wine.

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