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Jessica Lynch

Clientele Specialist

Born in:
Atlanta, GA

A scent related memory from your childhood:
The smell of a rubber basketball. Been shooting hoops since I was three-years-old in our kitchen in Cartersville, GA. It was a short hoop made of plastic, obviously, but I had nearly perfect form. 

Favorite essential oil now, and why:
Lavender, because of its versatility and calming effect. Plus, it’s in most of my favorite Osmia soaps. 

What I’m listening to right now:
A little Florence, a little Alt_J, a little Bastille. Basically I’m an Indie lover’s dream come true. 

Your favorite thing about you:
Probably my self-deprecating humor, and, more selfishly, my smile. 

My hilariously feisty black and white cat. 

Favorite memory of your mom:
Her “whooping” in the stands during my basketball games while simultaneously wringing an empty Aquafina water bottle to death in her hands. 

Death Row Meal:
My grandma’s chicken pot pie; it’s a flaky, pastry, artery clogging deliciousness. 


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