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Colleen O'Neil

Writer & Web Consultant

Born in:
Chalk Hill, PA 

A scent related memory from your childhood:

Fresh rain on leaves, damp mud, cool mountain air wafting off the lake. The scent of Appalachia. 

Favorite essential oil now, and why:

Fir needle - it's bright, fresh, and green. 

Three favorite bands or music you are listening to now:

Lorde, Tennis, Iron & Wine

Your favorite thing about you:
I'm really good at horseback riding. I think it's a skill that makes me a stronger person. 

A chubby tabby cat.

Favorite memory of your mom:
(To preface: my mom and I aren't very feminine. For us, wearing mascara is a special occasion.) When I was in college, my family went on vacation to San Francisco. My mom had heard of a legendary tea room on Fisherman's Wharf, and she was determined to go to high tea. I shrugged and went along. On a rainy, foggy San Fran day we trudged across the wharf in our rain jackets, past the fish market, sourdough restaurant, and the soggy street performers. I griped about the weather as we dripped into the tea shop. Then I shut my mouth, taking it in. The space was extravagantly girly--chandeliers sparkling from the ceiling, white Victorian furniture, gorgeous pink cakes on silver trays, Rococo paintings smiling blandly from the walls. A girl with red lipstick seated us at a tiny glass-topped table and poured us a pot of hot chai. Then we picked through a castle of tiny cucumber sandwiches and mini-muffins slathered with butter and marmalade. I drank tea with my pinky out, which was difficult because I was smiling so hard. Against my entire being, I loved it.

Death Row Meal:
Is Jeni's ice cream a meal?


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