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From Christmas to New Year’s Day, our team takes a break—a put your feet up and do whatever brings you joy kind of break. We’ve picked, packed, and shipped many thousands of Osmia boxes with our own loving hands, and our bodies and brains need to decompress and reset for the new season. Here’s what our team will be doing!
"I'm going home to see my family in Tennessee! We'll make a lot of fudge, play dominos, and drink a lot of hot cider. We also have a tradition of Dirty Santa that can get pretty intense."
"I'm looking forward to hopefully doing absolutely nothing!"
"I hope to make it home to Texas. I haven’t been able to enjoy the holidays with my family in nine years due to working in hospitality and retail in Aspen. I’m lucky enough to have a company who recognizes a work/life balance this year! It will be super special, too, because my mom’s 60th birthday is on Christmas Eve; and I can’t wait to spend time with my Granddaddy!"
"This will be my first winter ever having a break from work. I think I will also be off school so I will really have free time! I really enjoy embracing the laziness of winter and cuddling up with my dog and a book for as long as possible. I love getting swept up in a story, having the fireplace going and drinking tea. Sounds pretty good right about now :)."
"We are going to be skiing, skiing, skiing. That is literally it."
"I'm really excited about the snow this year, so I will be crossing my fingers for it to show up in vast amounts so I can go uphill alone and talk to myself the whole time and cross country with my dog who pulls me from side to side and makes me face plant a lot."
"I always love a nice winter hike, powder day, and movie day curled up on the couch with cookies, baileys in my coffee, Christmas-themed blankets and socks, and my family dogs."
"I'll be spending time with my NEW HUSBAND! I'm looking forward to starting new traditions with him and spending plenty of time with our dog, Meatloaf, and rabbit, Riley. Meatloaf loves getting to wear his sweaters to play in the snow.  We love taking nighttime strolls to see all the stars and festive lights, too. There will also be writing, skiing, ice climbing, and hiking!"
"I will single-handedly down 2 lbs of fudge. I will most likely be laying
down when I do so."
"I'm hoping to spend time outside, hopefully in the snow! I love to ski up and down big hills and I prefer fat skis over skinny skis. Also hoping to build things out of snow, go sledding with Skye, walk, hike and run."
"I'll be recovering from moving (reestablishing a normal routine that doesn't involve long hours of painting etc.), spending some time with my mom, getting some outside time in - I love winter hiking so much!, cooking, and the highlight will be some extra snuggling with my cat."