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Salt (in the right quantity) makes everything better, doesn't it? It can make a dull dish evolve into a gourmet meal and turn your bath ritual into a special treat. Granular in size, but swelling with history — let’s explore what makes pink Himalayan salt so spectacular.

Know about pink Himalayan salt and looking for some products with pink salt?

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Most Himalayan pink salt is mined in Punjab, a region comprising a state in northern India and a larger province in eastern Pakistan. Translated to the “land of five rivers” this combined territory spans 98,000 square miles and is home to 137 million people.


So, how were the massive mines formed? Believe it or not, tectonic plates shifted and trapped an underground sea millions of years ago. The sea then evaporated slowly, leaving miles of pristine, crystallized salt beds. The salt was then protected under ice and snow and sat unknown and untouched for millennia.

The salt mines were discovered, allegedly, by a horse. After conquering Persia in 326 BC, Alexander the Great found the “the vast seams of salt... [when he] noticed his horses licking the rocks,“ says British daily newspaper, The Times. The salt was traded as far as Central Asia for food and shelter, but it was hard to reach and uncover. Finally, in 1872, miner Dr. H. Warth excavated the salt beds to make efficient pathways and accessible tunnels. Today, Warth's diligent work is still on display in the second largest excavated salt mine in the world — the Khewra Salt Mine. In 2007 the mines expanded to include a 20-bed medical center to treat respiratory problems via halotherapy, otherwise known as salt therapy. The Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research suggests the drying properties of salt could possibly “clear up bronchial secretions.”

Today, the Khewra Salt Mine is lit, operates on 18 levels, and radiates a warm pink glow inside the tunnels.  Producing 350,000 tons of pink sea salt and hosting 250,000 tourists each year, the mine is still hugely active, and the surface has barely been scratched - it is estimated that over six billion tons of salt are available in the mine. If you were to visit, you would find replicas of national monuments (like a miniature salt Great Wall of China), thousands of salt carvings, a functioning railway system, a mosque, and a post office - all made of salt.


  • Iron and manganese cause the pink coloring.
  • Himalayan pink salt lamps claim to clear negative ions from the air, enhance sleep, and cure asthma. With little scientific study to back it up, this glowing mineral mantlepiece is still a bohemian-style beauty.
  • In 2017, craft chain store, Michael’s, recalled 80,000 salt lamps for bursting into flames.
  • Salt is hygroscopic, attracting water molecules from the air.
  • The body needs salt to contract muscles, prevent dehydration, and support healthy functioning cells.
  • If Punjab is too far, you can pay homage to Himalayan salt with these pink salt shot glasses. Cheers!
  • The largest salt mine in the world is in Ontario.


Our Himalayan Body Buff is made from the pink salt of the Punjab region. It’s the perfect texture for scrubbing away rough, dull skin. Hand-mined, hand-crushed, hand-washed, and dried in the sun, the salt is then mixed with organic botanical oils and essential oils of Bulgarian lavender and Canadian fir. You’ll be immediately transported to places high, wild, and pure, not to mention petting your soft skin for the rest of the day.

In case you’re not a regular salt scrubber, here’s how you do it! Fist, wash your body with one of our divine body bars. Rinse clean, and put your hair up if it’s long. Use the spoon to scoop out a little heap of salt into your hands, and gently scrub your body from the shoulders down, avoiding any cuts or sensitive areas. Inhale the aroma deeply as you slowly massage the product into your skin. Lastly, rinse away all the salt, wash your hands so they’re clean for your facial products, and step out of the shower onto a bath mat to air dry. The oil stays on your skin, and you won’t need any other product on your body on scrub days. It’s excellent for the bumpy skin on the backs of your arms, or before shaving for an extra close shave.

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Hibernation is over, hydrate your lips with our DIY Himalayan sea salt lip scrub!

Mix the following, apply to chapped lips, and remove by rinsing thoroughly after a few minutes.

  • ½ tsp of pink Himalayan sea salt
  • ½ tsp of coconut oil


With love and a salty horse kiss from us to you,





The information contained in this post is for educational interest only and is not intended to represent claims for actions of Himalayan pink salt. This information is not intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment of any physical or mental illness or disease.

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