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I love to share the #greenbeauty love.

Over my five years in this industry, I have made some incredible founder-friends, and many of them make products that are every bit as beautiful as Osmia products. I am a true believer in the idea that we will be more powerful advocates for healthy change if we work together. I've also come to the realization that I can't do everything, and that I will actually lose my mind if I try. So, I stopped making my own shampoo and lip gloss, and have switched to using these brands with pride! 

W3LL PEOPLE Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer

I discovered concealer this year. Is that BANANAS? I’m not much of a makeup person, and concealer seemed like a special tool that I wasn’t ready to use. But Shirley from W3LL PEOPLE changed my mind in about 14 seconds. She was doing my makeup for an event, and she applied a tiny bit of their concealer (in Light) under my eyes and on my eyelids. She patted it in gently with her fingertip, and when I looked up and saw the difference in the mirror, I was stunned! Who was that bright-eyed little squirrel staring back at me?? Surely it wasn’t the sleep-deprived, traveling CEO/mom whose plane was seven hours late getting in the night before - that person looked a half-dead version of Grumpy Cat! And just like that, I became a believer. The texture of W3LL’s product is creamy and light, and does not flake or clump up under your eyes, even if you’re 44 like me! But, never forget Shirley’s trick of the trade - pat, don’t rub!!! 

Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation

As someone with perioral dermatitis, I have to be extra careful about any makeup that goes on over the areas around my nose and chin. Beeswax-based foundation sticks are too rich, and will cause my PD to flare. The same goes for any powder with bismuth. But Alima’s satin matte foundation is perfect for my skin. I just dust a little over my whole face, and it evens my skin tone and takes away any extra shine. Still, I only wear powder about once a week - I prefer to let my skin be naked whenever possible!

HAN Cheek & Lip Tint

"Healthy And Natural" - that’s what HAN stands for, and it’s a lovely line with a lovely founder. But, I found this product out of necessity. I have an allergy to a component of castor oil, and can’t use anything with castor oil any more, which stinks because castor is a lovely, shiny, nourishing oil, especially in lip and cheek colors! But this simple formula is castor-free, and creates just the slightest, most natural color on the cheeks. I think the stick may actually last me over a decade - you just need the tiniest amount on your fingertips! (That’s Susan’s recommended application technique, btw.) 

HAN Eye Shadow in Cool Coconut

I'm not much of an eyeshadow person, and definitely can't be bothered to change shades from day to night, so this all-purpose neutral shadow is perfect for me! I dab a little on when I'm headed to an event, and it lasts hours without creasing or flaking. It's subtle, and gently brightening, especially when used on top of W3LL's concealer. 

Vert Beauty Makeup Brushes

Vert is one of our treasured retail partners, and they have their own line of brushes (and concealers and eyeliners!). As I’d expect, given the absolutely perfect design of their retail store in Denver, these Vert brushes perform beautifully, and are lovely to look at, as well. The handles are recycled wood, and the bristles are made from a feathery-soft combination of synthetic and natural fibers - no animals were harmed to make them! The brushes I love most are the all-over shadow brush, the crease shadow brush, and the powder brush. And Amanda taught me the best technique for applying eyeshadow without getting it all over your cheekbones (am I the only one??): apply shadow to the brush, blow the bristles, and press the brush into the lid repeatedly, rather than swiping it along the lid.



Ah, the holy grail green beauty product. How many organic-living advocates are there who still buy their mascara at the drugstore, possibly wearing a fake mustache and glasses, because they can’t find a less toxic one that works? A lot, I’d guess. But this mascara works really well for me - easy to apply, not clumpy, definitely not flaky. And it makes me look like I have pretty eyelashes, which I really, truly don't. After a full 12 hours, I occasionally see a tiny smudge at the outer, lower corner of my eye, but I think even the tox brands do that! Mascara is almost as personal and individual as deodorant - what works for one may not work for another - but this stuff really works for me! And I love the fact that they reevaluated their brand, dropped their prices, and made it available at Target and Whole Foods. This is the (W3LL) People's Mascara!!

HAN Lip Gloss in Nude Rose


Again, I found HAN because there are so few lip products without castor oil, and this gloss is one of them. But, I love it because it’s awesome, not because it has no castor oil. It’s just the right mix of nourishment and gloss, and it doesn’t make your lips sticky so that your hair catches on your pout every time you toss your head. Also, I normally don’t like scented lip products, but this has such a gentle hint of vanilla that I find myself looking forward to the smell. The shade we’re giving away would look amazing on any skin tone - very subtle, but still a little saucy.

Josh Rosebrook Balance Shampoo & Conditioner


Just smelling this stuff will make you feel balanced. Aside from adoring Josh as a human being and friend, I also think he makes really beautiful products for hair and skin. The shampoo is gentle, but thorough. And don’t be fooled by the minimal foaming - it’s still doing its job perfectly. Josh uses a base of African Black Soap in the shampoo, and adds loads of botanical extracts that support healthy hair and leave it soft and super shiny. The conditioner is light but moisturizing enough even for Colorado-dry hair like mine - even though the bottle says “normal to oily”. And there’s gorgeous rose essential oil in them, which makes me love Josh even more - only the best from his brand.

Innersense Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner


If you dry your hair, you need leave-in conditioner. If you live by the ocean, you need leave-in conditioner. If you live in a dry climate, you need leave-in conditioner. If you’re letting your gray hair grow in, you need leave-in conditioner. If you color your hair, you need leave-in conditioner. I think, even if you’re Sofia Vergara, you need leave-in conditioner. I’m just here to tell you that you need THIS leave-in conditioner. Light, naturally scented, and non-greasy, this bottle will last ages, and keep your locks soft and happy all the while. 

Innersense Harmonic Healing Oil


If you haven’t met Joanne and Greg from Innersense, you may not know that they are harmonic, healing people. But they are - kind, caring, and genuine right down to the marrow. So it’s no surprise that they have created an oil that can be used to ground your senses, bathe your spirit, and make your dry ends feel nourished and healthy again. A single drop will do - but you won’t believe what a single drop will do. I add my drop to the Sweet Spirit, and massage it into my hair before combing it through and scrunching my locks with a tee shirt (Joanne’s suggestion for the best air-dried waves).


Okay, beauties, that's it for Round One of my Green Beauty Faves. 

With love, luck, and the world's best green beauty #shelfie from us to you,