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in the yellowish light of the fading storm

you finally let go of your fear.


the howling winds quiet and whisper away

as the noise in your head recedes.

the smell in the air

makes your senses ignite

and you dare to believe in the hope and the light.

for just when your soul felt impossibly bare,

somebody heard your unwavering prayer.

now gone is the nudging cold nose of despair.

you straighten your stance,

your eyes start to sparkle -

right here is your chance to come out of the dark and

believe in yourself and believe in the world and

find faith in the future as your fingers uncurl.

you look down at your hands and see nothing but power

to rise up again, to forget how to cower.


in the yellowish light of the fading storm,

you finally let go of your fear,

as what seemed an endless roiling of grey

gives way to a blue,

bright and clear.


With love and shelter from the storm from us to you, 

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